Rachel Roberts at Kapitea Resevoir…

Rachel Roberts at Kapitea Resevoir...

Photo Caption: Rachel Roberts at Kapitea Resevoir

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This was taken at the Kapitea reservoir, locally known as Dillman’s Dam, on the outskirts of Kumara on the West Coast of the South Island, New Zealand.

I don’t have a fantastic story to go with this shot as it wasn’t planned and I didn’t take an epic journey to get there, (I drove 5 minutes down the road from home), I was just lucky there was no moon, no wind, no cloud and that I live in a place with not only the most beautiful landscapes on the planet but basically zero light pollution.

Tekapo gets all the credit in NZ for its dark skies but the West Coast is just as good, if not better….and it’s all on my doorstep.
Canon 6d + f4 24-105mm, 20 seconds, ISO 8000

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It’s good to be #home.
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