Andrew and Tyler at Ninigret…

Andrew and Tyler at Ninigret...

Photo Caption: Andrew and Tyler at Ninigret Park


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From Andrew about this image:

There are 2 things I will never get tired of seeing. The sunset and the milky way. The past 72 hours has been beyond exhausting. This weekend was a huge change in pace from my normal landscape and portrait work as I worked the press side of the business documenting the Barrett-Jackson Auto Auction. After holding a camera, fighting thr crowds for 12 hours a day for 3 straight days, we needed something to unwind. What better way than a great milky way chase.

@lenothephotog and I made the drive to Ninigret Park after the sun had set knowing we only had just shy of 2 hours to get set up and shooting before the moo rose. Being the overly prepared photographer that I am, my car is a rolling studio. I pulled out my milky tubes inspired by @ericparephoto and did a few test shots. I braved the muck and started wading out into the water with lights and my trigger. Tyler hopped from the incredibly muddy shore and somehow didn’t lose a shoe.

This was the first time ever setting up one of these exposures. All I could do was hope for the best as I hit the trigger about 5 times. I couldn’t easily chimp my screen after each shot since I had somewhat sank into the soft mud. Once we were on dry land, we both looked at the shots and said that’s the one! The milky way was so bright and clear with just a hint of air glow. As the war on exhaustion started, we headed home to rest and try to clear our mind from everything that went on the past week.

Original post:

How do you end an unbelievable weekend as a photographer @barrett_jackson? Go out and shoot the milky way! Inspired by @ericparephoto

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