Craig Konya at Shi Shi…

Craig Konya at Shi Shi...

Photo Caption: Craig Konya at Shi Shi Beach

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From Craig about this image: “Life’s a beach” taken at Shi Shi beach, WA. Shi Shi beach is pretty much as northwest as you can go without leaving the country. This was my first time ever being to the Washington coast, and we had just one night to make this happen. A leisurely 2 mile hike was advertised, so we packed heavy with camera equipment. After the first two miles, we were greeted with a 100+ft cliff to repel to the beach. I’d admit, we missed the easy way down somewhere in the forest.

After that, we hit the sand and saw the best rock formations were on the distant horizon. Although my tinder may say I enjoy long walks on the beach, this was a bit much. We made it with just enough time to watch the sunset and tide roll out to sea. This composition uncovered itself at the peak of low tide and I immediately knew I had something special. Shi Shi is truly a unique, and beautiful place. Fitbit logged 18 miles round trip that night, so it’s safe to say, it’s also fairly remote.

Nikon D750 //Nikkor 14-24
Foreground: ISO800 480sec f5.6
MW: ISO4000 25sec f2.8

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