Kevin Shearer on Larch Mountain…

Kevin Shearer on Larch Mountain...

Photo Caption: Kevin Shearer on Larch Mountain


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From Kevin about this image:

So for most of my shots I have a predetermined plan of where I am going to shoot and the location is already set. This on did not turn out that way as the spot we intended to shoot was still gated off and we didn’t feel like hiking 4.5 miles one way in the dark because we would have missed the Milky Way. Thankfully, there was a road that faced south that we saw on our way up that had potential. We drove back to that road and pulled out our photopills app and thankfully the Milky Way was going to be rising over the trees. This tree just happened was in the field that was right next to the road and my buddy Godfrey found it. We both thought it was an ground foreground element so that’s the story behind this shot.
Original post: “Gratitude opens the door to…the power, the wisdom, the creativity of the universe. You open the door through gratitude.” -Deepak Chopra
What are you grateful for on this Memorial Day?
C: @sonyalpha A7sii
L: @nikonusa 14-24mm with Novoflex adapter
E: 25 secs at ISO 3200 F2.8

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