Isaac Gibbs on Mount Laguna…

Isaac Gibbs on Mount Laguna...

Photo Caption: Isaac Gibbs on Mount Laguna
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From Isaac about this image: “Fascination”
Trees are probably some of my favorite things to be around, as well as to photograph. But when it comes to shooting images of the milkyway, most trees don’t work out the way i would wish they would, unless they are perhaps dead tree’s. I used to draw quite a bit of trees in my day, and i think slowly but surely, i am almost able to photograph what my imagination can draw, but not even quite. I always said to myself, i can draw the perfect composition with every element that i want in there, but can you stumble upon it, or explore and find it?
I’ve spent much time lately not posting my images, but still shooting. My work comes in waves of sharing, it’s just my lifestyle. Work Work, and Work.
I choose this composition based on the simplicity smooth edges and this single patch of trees. No clutter of things getting in the way. I spent a magical night here once during the Perseid Meteor shower last year, but the milkyway was already out of the frame.
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