Maher Antares in Fuwairit Qatar…

Maher Antares in Fuwairit Qatar...

Photo Caption: Maher Antares in Fuwairit Qatar
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From Maher about this image: “On the surface of an alien planet”
This photo was one of the most carefully planned photos that I ever take. Usually I drive to the middle of the desert in a moonless night and start shooting the Milky Way. This time I decided to plan further, I change the location to a rocky area instead of the sand which was a very torturing decision for my car struggling through the sharp rocks, and instead of a moonless night I decided to shoot in a night where the moon was a waxing gibbous. I wanted the moon light to lighten my shot before it sets and the Milky Way magic is revealed.
I shot the foreground when the moon was high on the sky and the Milky Way after moon set and the result was more than expected, these sharp rocks gave the impression I’m on the surface of an alien planet and of course I drive here in my Nissan Patrol car.
Location: Fuwairit, Qatar
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