Shashank Khanna‎ on Russian Ridge…

Shashank Khanna‎ on Russian Ridge...

Photo Caption: Shashank Khanna‎ on Russian Ridge

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From Shashank about this image:

Fireball! This is the first time a plane trail has not spoiled my shot ;).

This wasn’t supposed to happen this night. We expected fog to be just at the right level to block light pollution over Russian Ridge in Santa Cruz Mountains, CA. Took a quick drive with couple of friends only to find out it’s too high to get any shots this night. Such a bummer! We thought of driving further south in search of higher elevation but nothing good came up. On way back thought of giving the first spot another chance and voila, it worked!! Fog came down a bit and we got to shooting fast. Luckily this plane flew head on in the frame with lights dispersing around, letting me make this shot. Does look like a big shooting star!!

Exif details: Shot with Rokinon 12mm f2.0 on Fuji X-T1, 25sec, 3200 ISO. Color temperature set at 3600. Tweaks in LR + PS.

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