Leon Falk Backpacking in Australia…

Leon Falk Backpacking in Australia...

Photo Caption: Leon Falk Backpacking in Australia — REPOST: @falk.leon from facebook.com/groups/milkywaychasers chosen by @tracyleephotos — #milkywaychasers to be featured or post on Facebook.com/groups/milkywaychasers. Tag a friend who might enjoy this Milky Way image and journey! — From Leon about this image: — “Backpacker life” — This is my first post in this awesome group.
I’ve been traveling around Australia for the last year and started taking photos not even a year ago. I always loved photos of the milkyway but never knew that it’s so easy to take them. — So my journey down the Australian west coast began on the beginning of may. All the way from Darwin to Perth seeing the incredible stars every single night. After 2 nights I started taking photos of it with my little Gorillapod and been amazed how awesome they turned out even with a little shaky tripod. — So this is my most personal and most memorable night sky panorama I took in the kinda 2 month travelling down the coast. It’s my friends and travel companions sitting around a bonfire close to our cars warming up – cause even in Australia it gets damn cold in winter! — It’s been taken with 8 single exposure shots. Just the two on the bottom are taken slightly dimmer.
Taken with an Olympus OM-D EM 5 Mark II with the 12 – 40mm f/2.8 Pro on a Gorillapod Hybrid
Settings: 12 seconds self timer + f/2.8 + 20s + iso 3200 — #longexposure_shots #nightimages #nightshooterz #nightshooters #nightpics #milkywaygalaxy #astrophotography #astrophoto #astro_photography_ #astro_photography #longexposure #longexpohunter #longexpo #amazing_longexpo #amazingearth #natgeospace #milkyway #leonfalk #falkleon #perth #australia #pano #panorama #panoramic

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