Jake Gardner at Mt Cook…

Jake Gardner at Mt Cook...

Photo Caption: Jake Gardner at Mt Cook

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From Jake about this image:

We couldn’t resist the call of Mt.Cook on a clear night so we had to go for a late night mission to finally get this shot of the Milky Way over Mt.Cook with a nice icy foreground. So happy to finally get one from here! This time we went on an adventure with Undersoul Photography ! We knew the cloud was set to clear after dark so we couldn’t resist the temptation to get the Milky Way over Mt.Cook and the Hooker Glacier.

We were hoping to get a lot of icebergs at the shore of the lake and luckily for us the whole thing had basically frozen over which made us feel like we had travelled to another planet instead of 3 hours from Queenstown.

This is a shot we have been wanting for a long time and all of the conditions came together so we could finally get this shot in the bag!

55 shots (focus stacked and cropped), ISO8000, f/1.4, 20 seconds @35mm!

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