Dale and Karlie in New…

Dale and Karlie in New...

Photo Caption: Dale and Karlie in New Zealand

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From Dale & Karlie about this image:

Church of the Good Shepherd. New Zealand…

Every year we drive around the South Island in our @wildernessnz motorhome looking for new & exciting places to shoot, for some Astrophotography. Now although we captured a similar shot to this 4 years ago, this time we wanted to REALLY nail it!

The forecast for weather had nothing but snow & heavy cloud cover here all evening, but when we arrived we were shocked to see a perfectly clear sky. But that wasn’t the craziest part…usually this place is teaming with tourists & it was a Sunday so we were anticipating it to be extremely busy, but we were totally blown away!
Not only did we have this place all to ourselves at sunset, but for almost 6 hours to shoot astro here on a clear winters evening. It gave us the ability to move around the church anywhere we liked & used our torches to light paint without disturbing a single other photographer! It gave us so much time & space to really grab a composition we’d always dreamt of capturing…New Zealand, WE ❤ YOU!!!
For those interested in how we took this, it was captured on the Nikon D810 + 14-24mm f/2.8 Lens. Camera settings were: 20” | f/2.8 | ISO3200.

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Dale & Karlie



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