Doug Ingram at Carrington Falls…

Doug Ingram at Carrington Falls...

Photo Caption: Doug Ingram at Carrington Falls Lookout — REPOST: @Nightscapades from chosen by @tracyleephotos — #milkywaychasers to be featured or post on Tag a friend who might enjoy this Milky Way image and journey! — From Doug about this image: — Before the clouds came in

There were more clouds than there was blue sky last Friday so I figured I wouldn’t be getting any nightscape photography done once the work day was over. Conditions changed after dark, though, and I set off at about 8:00pm with my camera gear and headed for Carrington Falls, in the Southern Highlands region of New South Wales (Australia). Upon completing the 100+ km drive I parked, scouted the location for some likely shooting positions then made a few trips to get my gear in place. After taking a couple of test shots I noticed…clouds near the horizon. Grrrrr!

I was fortunate to get some OK shots in before the stars gave way to the airborne clumps of water vapour, including this image of the Milky Way in the southwestern sky. There was lots of green airglow in the atmosphere. So much, in fact, that you can also see it reflected in the water that’s flowing down to the top of the falls before plunging 150 metres (500 ft) to the valley floor. —
Two overlapping shots were used to create this single image. Each original was shot with Canon EOS 6D, Rokinon 24mm @ f/2.4, 20 sec @ ISO 6400. — at Carrington Falls Lookout.

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