Eileen Mandell at Bodie Ghosttown…

Eileen Mandell at Bodie Ghosttown...

Photo Caption: Eileen Mandell at Bodie Ghosttown

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From Eileen about this image:

Bodie state historic park was a California “Wild West” rowdy gold mining town, that is now a ghost town protected by the California Park system. The park officials protect the buildings, equipment, and vehicles in a state of “Arrested Decay” which means officials won’t fix up the abandoned buildings, but they won’t let Bodie fall to dust either. Bodie has at least 3 old cars remaining. I am still working on my photographs taken during our late July trip to the Eastern Sierra. So many photos… so little time!! This is the 1937 Chevy under the Milky Way taken on July 29th at 11:45PM. The challenge was to find the cars that would be under the Milky Way during the time of our night visit to the park. I used the apps Photo Pills and Sky Guide early in the evening to determine when to come back, BUT there were no lights in Bodie… so finding our way back to the car was a challenge. Even just figuring out where the car was in total darkness was time consuming! Luckily we did find it in time to photograph the Milky Way above the car.

Tech Info: Nikon D750 with Rokinon 14mm lens f2.8, 30 seconds, ISO 8000. I used a ProVid stationary light on the car.

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