Chris Schwarz in Joshua Tree…

Chris Schwarz in Joshua Tree...

Photo Caption: Chris Schwarz in Joshua Tree

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From Chris about this image:

I wasn’t planning on shooting the Milky Way this past weekend as I had a lot to do for work and have plans to shoot this upcoming weekend. But then Sunday comes and I started to get the itch to go…. so I check sunset times. And see the sky will be moonless until about midnight. Next thing I know, I’m in the car racing out to Joshua Tree National Park. I’ve never shot the sky there.

I got to the park around 430, which gave me 2 hours before sunset to check out a few locations I had in mind. Unfortunately, the MW is very high in the sky by the time twilight ended and so a few shots that I thought about wouldn’t work with the alignment I wanted.
Finally I found this majestic Joshua Tree. I used PhotoPills to plan out my shot. As I setup, I realized in my rush to leave the house I grabbed the wrong lens so I ended up shooting this with a Canon 24mm TSE.
I was out about an hour shooting waiting for the right alignment. It was just me and about 50 mice. I was surprised with the amount of light pollution in the photo (this was well after twilight ended), but it ended up working in the picture. The foreground was taking earlier. The sky is 6 stacked shots to reduce noise with a dark frame removed from all 6 before stacking.
Sony A7r + Canon 24TSE
F: 3.5
ISO: 3200
Shutter: 20 seconds

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