Rob Lovato in Monterey CA…

Rob Lovato in Monterey CA...

Photo Caption: Rob Lovato in Monterey CA — REPOST: @roblovatophotography from chosen by @tracyleephotos — #milkywaychasers to be featured or post on Tag a friend who might enjoy this Milky Way image and journey! — From Rob about this image: — After I moved to Monterey in April, a new friend showed me this beautiful place that was great for morning walks. Every time we walked past these rocks I envisioned some kind of shot like this but had to wait till the Milky Way got into it’s autumn position. This is not fancy editing, I used my normal editing process, the clouds are orange from the nearby light pollution and I believe the pink could be air glow, or light pollution and humidity, I’m really not sure. What I do know is that this felt like I was on a different planet, so I’m going to call this piece “Planet Autumn Milky Way”. — Tech:
Canon 6d, Rokinon 14mm 2.8
Two image comp, focused stacked
Sky: 10 sec, f2.8, 10k iso, stacked 10x
Foreground: 10 min, f2.8, 200 iso — — #longexposure_shots #nightimages #nightshooterz #nightshooters #nightpics #milkywaygalaxy #astrophotography #astrophoto #astro_photography_ #astro_photography #longexposure #longexpohunter #longexpo #amazing_longexpo #amazingearth #natgeospace #milkyway #roblovato #roblovatophotography #montereyca

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