Eric Benedetti at Moosehorn Lake…

Eric Benedetti at Moosehorn Lake...

Photo Caption: Eric Benedetti at Moosehorn Lake

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From Eric about this image:

This is one taken at Moosehorn Lake in the Uinta Mountains of Utah on the 4th of July, I had decided to get out of the miserable heat in Salt Lake and escape to the mountains. Fireworks aren’t allowed up there, but nature decided to provide their own with some amazing airglow. This is taken from the north side of the lake with Bald Mountain towering over to the right. This is a case of the foreground being so large that the Milky Way itself looks a bit small in the image, Bald Mountain reaches up to almost 12,000 feet and so it dwarfs the Milky Way when shot so close up. —
Unfortunately the winds kicked up a bit and made the lake really choppy, not long after this shot some very mean look thunderstorm clouds rolled over the Mountain and I had to quickly pack things up and run to the safety of the car. One of the main reasons I love this shot so much is that the airglow patterns look like they are exploding out of the mountain and they flow up and around the Milky Way nicely accenting it. Also if you look closely there is a plane trail coming up from the middle of the picture and going almost directly the very core of the galaxy itself, I normally remove the plane trails, but I thought it was really cool how it ended up almost perfectly marking Sag A* (the black hole at the center of our galaxy). —
21 shots for this one, 14 for the sky and 7 for the foreground, all taken back to back with my Nikon D600 and Rokinon 24mm f1.4 lens on an iOptron Skytracker Mount. Sky shots are 3.5 minute exposures at f2 and ISO 400, foreground shots are 2.5 minute exposures at f2 and ISO 800. Sky and foreground were stitched separately in PTGui and then merged and editing in Photoshop.
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