Ryan Moyer in Sedona —…

Ryan Moyer in Sedona —...

Photo Caption: Ryan Moyer in Sedona

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From Ryan about this image:

“Arch of Sedona”


This shot was recently selected for the cover image of the International Dark Sky Association’s 2017 calendar (well, a crop of it, as the full Pano would not fit). It was a great honor to be able to contribute to the IDA’s mission to protect our night skies. Anyone can get a copy of the calendar with a $50 donation to the IDA.
Sedona, AZ is an IDA certified dark sky town. This is why I was able to capture a lot of detail in the milky way despite being only about 3 miles south of downtown Sedona. The glow on the right side of the image is from Phoenix, more than 100 miles away.
Going up and taking this shot was an interesting adventure. It wasn’t far from the parking area, less than a mile, though I was not completely alone there. A Javelina (basically a small boar) took issue with me being out there that night. The night was a constant game of the animal circling me and grunting. I never actually saw it, but every so often I were hear it grunting and see some nearby bushes moving. Stealthiest “boar” I’ve ever come across.
Tech Specs: The image is a panorama of about 8 vertical images each shot at 14mm with a Nikon 14-24 F2.8 on a Nikon D750 camera. Each frame is a single image (I prefer to stack, but was lazy on this night as stacking and stitching seemed like it would take a long time with the angry boar nearby) shot at F2.8, ISO 6400 for about 20 seconds.

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