Max Oudoux in Normandy France…

Max Oudoux in Normandy France...

Photo Caption: Max Oudoux in Normandy France

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From Max about this image:

3 pictures stitched together
We can play with the Milky Way and terrestrial elements, as here with this small tree !
It was taken in 2015 in the Normandy campaign in France; I traveled in search of a nice little corner to make an image of the Milky Way, then I came across this solitary tree, parallel to the Milky Way; With the light pollution of the nearest village (called Saint James) I thought at first that it was not going to be beautiful; When I saw the first image, it was on the contrary very beautiful, so I made a panoramic of 3 images to have better image quality (finer stars)
Nikon D7000 – Samyang 35mm f/1.4 AS UMC
35mm, f/2, 8s, 4000 ISO…/astrophotographie-nig…/

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