Joshua Snow at Arches National…

Joshua Snow at Arches National...

Photo Caption: Joshua Snow at Arches National Park

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From Joshua about this image:

•Still Shakin’ the Rust Off•
I ventured out into Arches this morning around 3:30 am and drove all the way to Sand Dune Arch without seeing a single flashlight or car in any pull off or parking lot. It was pretty creepy, to top it off I had a great horned owl calling to me while I was shooting this scene and a pack of coyotes off in the distance.
Foreground: two, ten minute exposures at ISO 1250 using an iPad with a flashlight app on low brightness to cast low level lighting to the scene. One frame with the light camera left, one camera right.
Sky: 8 frames at ISO 10k, at 15 seconds each stacked in SLS, and all files prepped in Lr, and Ps, then blended.

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