Andy Taber — REPOST: @ajtaber…

Andy Taber --- REPOST: @ajtaber...

Photo Caption: Andy Taber

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From Andy about this image:

Thank you to my wife for letting me go up to Door County again last night. I have had my eye on this foreground for awhile, but according to the “Plan it Pro” android app, the MW core and Rho Ophiuchi will only be in this position relative to this angle of view for the month of March and very late February. Unfortunately, the MW core is only visible in Wisconsin just before sunrise right now. The stack of images used for this photo were taken around 4:15-4:45am yesterday morning. I spent hours processing this image yesterday in order to pull out detail of the MW core which was very faint due to the obstruction from light pollution on the horizon as well as the incoming light from the impending sunrise. I also wanted to reduce the blue color cast of the sky during blue hour, which takes away from the contrast and detail I wanted to achieve through the shot.
Canon 6D, rokinon 24 1.4 @1.4 x 18 secs and 6400 ISO. Processed sky separate from the foreground using 15 stacked images in Pixinsight then blending it back into the foreground. Then used PS CC to accentuate the headlamp I was holding in by hands and I also used a dust and scratches filter on the MW to bring out a little more detail and color of the gas clouds. Believe it or not, this was NOT tracked! Just stacked, averaged and then teased out with curves and a dust and scratches filter.

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