This is a PANO SO…

This is a PANO SO...

Photo Caption: This is a PANO SO SLIDE —->

Chris Schipflinger at Val Gardena

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From Christian about this image:

My latest microadventure lead me to Val Gardena in south tyrol.
I need to say it to the beginning it wasn´t easy, it was cold, and the climb was tougher than I excpeted. Maybe because of the 27kg backpack including my tent, sleeping bag,
camping stove, etc. but words cannot describe how worth all the struggle was.
It was a breathtaking experience to stay overnight under the cloudless nightsky full of stars and to see my old friend the milkyway or as the funny south tyroler policeman said “strada del la latte” 😉 Personally, I think this kind of trips are the best way to escape the monotony of everyday life, taking a deep breath, enjoying the silence and forget everything else that’s all I need for.
This pano is made of 9 single shots
and I´m hoping it gives you the same feeling as I had when I stood there and admire the beautiful landscape. This time my friend Fabio Hain did a great job modeling for me. Thank you a lot, your presence gives the pano just
the look that I wanted. The light on the horizon is the beginning astronomic twilight, so it was my last chance to take the shot before
the sky is too bright. Normally I avoid to have this twilight on my pictures but in this case I have to say I really like it, I think it looks special `cause for this shot it has
the perfect position directly under the milkyway bow. At the end, before some critical voices say it has to be fake and manipulated. I have to disappoint you, this picture reflects just the reality.
Mother earth is just that beautiful, she doesn’t need any corrections.

Sony a7s – Tamron 15-30mm f2.8 exif 9 singlepics – 15mm – 15sec – f3.2 – ISO10000


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