Stefan Liebermann at Tenerife —...

Stefan Liebermann at Tenerife —…

Stefan Liebermann at Tenerife —...

Photo Caption: Stefan Liebermann at Tenerife

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From Stefan about this image:

BLEND – Focusstack of 2 Shots
What can I say mhh Its not difficult to shot the Milky Way at Tenerife. The night sky is so breathtaking clear. Absolutely amazing. An Island with an altitude in a range from 0 up to 3718m and clouds which are formed in about 1000m make Tenerife to one of the best places in europe to observe the starry sky. Here you can see the galactic core and a typical plant of this region the Tajinaste Rojo. So get the camera out, use a tripod and thats all. Ah its warm, too!
Focusstack, Sony A7s, 24mm, F/2, 15s, ISO 6400

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