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Pascal Kamm in Lauterbrunnen Switzerland

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From Pascal about this image:

This is a vertical panorama composed of 3 landscape oriented images shot with a tilt shift lens. By shifting the lens up and down I was able to shoot three exposures and then stitched them together manually with PS. Those three base exposures were captured during blue hour at f/8 // ISO 100 // 30s. I then shifted the lens all the way up again and waited for the night to roll in to shoot continuously exposures at f/3.5 (widest aperture of the lens) // ISO 8000 // 30s to make sure I capture the galactic centre of the milky way in my preferred position as well as capture a frame without any light pollution from cars passing by. For this shot I did NOT use a star tracker as I usually do because I wanted to let the camera in the exact same position to make the stitching process as easy as possible and get the biggest advantage out of the shift function of the lens. I was very surprised how clean the result came out considering that I shot at the widest possible aperture which usually drastically reduces sharpness and add vignetting. While the camera was running I was working in the car which was parked nearby. Suddenly I felt like taking a break and step out of the car to enjoy the night sky. Exactly in that moment a huge falling star passed by and I was so stoked to witness this amazing spectacle. Later I chose exactly that shot with the falling star which you can see here and I was very happy that I saw it in real AND even managed to capture it with my camera!

Canon 1Dx & Canon TS-E 24mm f/3.5L II
Base exposure f/8 // ISO 100 // 30s
Milky way f/3.5 // ISO 8000 // 30s

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