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Mark Robben at Red Rock Canyon State Park

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From Mark about this image:

SINGLE (with and assistance from Lightroom and Photoshop) (Coming
This was taken at Red Rock Canyon State Park, about two hours north of Los Angeles. Believe me when I tell you that this is the middle of nowhere. It’s an area I’ve passed through many times, usually on the way to the the US 395 corridor, an area that boasts spectacular views of the night sky. Early in September I made a point of heading up that way to see if I could squeeze in one more Milky Way session before it disappeared for the season. I arrived just after the moon set and I wasn’t disappointed. The Milky Way was as big and bright as other places I’ve visited. The only downside being that it was already well on it’s way below the horizon. The distant glow seems to be coming from Bakersfield, CA. One nice thing about this particular spot is it’s proximity to the highway. The occasional car or semi coming over the ridge provides wonderful lighting on the rocks if you time it just right. The rocks here really are red. So much so that you can easily imagine yourself standing on Mars. The only disappointing thing about that night was that at some point I set my ISO to 6400. I can’t remember exactly why but it was several exposures before I remembered to change it back. Unfortunately this occurred during that time frame. Not sure that it matters as it seems to hold up fairly well.
Nikon D810+14-24 (14mm, f2.8, 15sec., ISO 6400)

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