Today marks 1 year that...

Today marks 1 year that…

Today marks 1 year that...

Photo Caption: Today marks 1 year that Milky Way Chasers was created. It was fueled from a newly found direction in photography for myself, and has been the source of many a late night adventure with many friends, old and new.. I was hoping that today, on this one year anniversary, we would also be celebrating the monumental 200k followers (yeah, I can’t believe it either!) but I guess that’s going to have to wait another few days, and allow for another speech, yadda yadda yadda.. UNLESS, you guys feel like tagging friends and helping us hit that monumental mark today!! (If you look a few posts back, I’m giving away a tripod from @slikusa and you can just tag friends and enter the contest at the same time!) We DID hit 14k on the FB group yesterday, so that’s awesome too..
I just wanted to say thank you.. It’s been such a ride and the most amazing part has been the learning, and making of some really great friends.. My own photography has progressed as a result of all of YOU and I look forward to seeing where MWC and my photography are, another year from now.. I hope all of you continue to grow, forge new relationships, and learn with alongside us..

I am thinking of planning a fun traveling meetup this summer (mostly US Southwest and midwest based) to try and touch bases with a bunch of you.. Let me know your thoughts on that..

I am going to spend the day sharing the top 13 (not sue why 13 lol) most liked photos on MWC. This doesn’t mean the older ones aren’t great or worth, they just didn’t get the amount of overall likes that these did (these are all WAY more recent!) thank you to @matthewsavillephoto @bobby_burton_photography & @cphilpottcraig for helping to maintain sanity on the group. Again, thank you everyone, you rock!!

Tracy Lee


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From Joseph about this image:

Happy chasing!

I took this behind the scenes photo last year in Caprock Canyon State Park located in the panhandle of Texas.
Shot with a NikonD750

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