Craig Philpott at the Grandstand…

Craig Philpott at the Grandstand...

Photo Caption: Craig Philpott at the Grandstand on Racetrack Playa

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From Craig about this image:

Death Valley, the grandstand at the racetrack. This was the best trip to the racetrack playa of Death Valley, California…. so far.
My wife and I drove out to the playa on the 30 miles of dirt road after already having a flat tire earlier in the day. The spare tire was on the truck and I was quite jealous of anyone who travels the desert with two spares instead of just one. We camped a mile from the dry lake and hiked across the flats looking at the famous “sliding rocks” and discussing options for the 3.30AM photo shoot. It became very clear that there were 6-8 serious photographers preparing for nighttime photography at the sliding rocks and we changed our plans completely and moved a couple miles away to the “grandstand” rock formation on the East end of the dry lake.
3.30AM, back on the playa, and we were joined by a quiet photographer, at the rock formation, who was shooting in the darkness using a LLL, low level light LED panel, just as we were. We compared notes and took turns with shooting and light set-ups for nearly an hour. The clouds and stars cooperated and the absolute darkness of this dark sky location was a delight.
This picture is a single exposure using one small LED panel for light. The picture is processed in LR and PS with overall exposure adjustment plus additional adjustments to the foreground.
Canon 6D
Sigma 20mm 1.4
ISO 3200
30 second exposure
LLL-low level light, LED light panel

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