Kevin Brazell at RaceTrack Playa…

Kevin Brazell at RaceTrack Playa...

Photo Caption: Kevin Brazell at RaceTrack Playa

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From Kevin about this image:

BLEND (focus)
Headed out to Death Valley alone trying to photograph the Sailing Stones for sunset, but I ended up on technical jeep trail approach from the South. I made it fine, but I missed the sunset because of the delay. The Park Ranger congratulated me for making it up. Apparently many people don’t :/.
On the playa at around 3am, I was fortunate to randomly bump into some other photographers, @inspired_shot @cecphotos @jim.langston and @briancranephotography who I was very grateful to have befriended. It’s pretty unnerving approching a stranger in complete darkness in such a remote location.
Canon 5Ds
Rokinon 24mm
ISO 800
30s Exposure

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