Viktor Wills at Scout Key…

Viktor Wills at Scout Key...

Photo Caption: Viktor Wills at Scout Key

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From Viktor about this image:

“Finite and Infinite” Series.
It all started with traveling to Winter Star Party 2016 last February and there witnessing the Milky Way galaxy under perfect clear dark skies of the Florida Keys. From the winter Orion to Scorpio and the amazing Southern Cross, this was a life changing experience for sure: realizing how boundless and beautiful this Universe is and how important the Milky Way Experience is for the human spirit. I’ve revisited this same exact place in 2017 at roughly the same time to document this amazing hidden spot where a dry mangrove tree is reaching up to the stars.
(Do you see the yellowish star near the horizon? It’s the famed star: Rigil Kent or Alpha Centaurus! Come to Florida keys to see it!)
Location: Scout Key, Camp Wesumkee
Nikon d810, Rokinon 14mm, f2.8. 70 seconds at ISO 4000. Tracked with Star Adventurer.

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