Mark Robben near Jumbo Rocks…

Mark Robben near Jumbo Rocks...

Photo Caption: Mark Robben near Jumbo Rocks

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From Mark about this image:

STACKED/BLEND (coming soon)

This is my first real attempt at image stacking to control noise.
I can’t say I was totally convinced that the extra time and effort would make a noticeable difference in the final image, but I must say, the results have me rethinking my workflow. I certainly don’t obsess over noise but occasionally it needs to be managed and I’ve always felt that the noise reduction tools in Lightroom and PS do more harm than good, at least with night sky photography. Stacking isn’t perfect and it can introduce other issues, but used with additional processing techniques, I think it might be the best first step to take when editing night sky images. That said, I still have much to learn.

As for location, this image was captured in the vicinity of Jumbo Rocks in Joshua Tree National Park. The terrain in this area provides and endless array of interesting foreground
subjects, helpful when shooting in the narrow time window of the springtime Milky Way. All I’m missing here is an actual Joshua Tree.

Post processing: 8 images processed in Lightroom 6 and then exported and stacked using Starry Landscape Stacker with additional blending in Photoshop PS6

Nikon D810+14-24 – all exposures (f/2.8, 14mm, 15sec, ISO 3200)

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