Ross Thompson in Death Valley…

Ross Thompson in Death Valley...

Photo Caption: Ross Thompson in Death Valley

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From Ross about this image:

“The Cracked Earth”
Spending the night alone in this spot really made me feel like I was on another planet; completely isolated from all things society & civilization. It was beautiful, eye opening and bizarre. This was my favorite location that I shot at during a recent trip to Death Valley.
I stacked 3 images of the foreground here with one of the sky. Once I got home to post process this one I realized I should’ve focus stacked different sets of exposures for the mid-foreground and direct foreground, and also should’ve included more exposures in general for the noise reduction/detail stacking. Always a learning experience!
Nikon d750, Nikkor 14-24 2.8
Sky: f2.8, 15mm ISO 2000 @ 25 sec
Ground: f2.8, 15mm ISO 3200 @ 30 sec (probably should’ve went down a stop or two for sharper focus)

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