Wisanu Boonrawd over Dallas —...

Wisanu Boonrawd over Dallas —…

Wisanu Boonrawd over Dallas —...

Photo Caption: Wisanu Boonrawd over Dallas

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From Wisanu about this image:

Back to summer 2016, I had a trip to Grand Canyon and planned the way back to Dallas by an evening flight. I picked a seat at the wing on the right flank where I could see the milky way when it got dark. I was carrying a traveler tripod and a black jacket with me as I planned to shoot the milky way on that flight. It was struggle during the shoot, since I had to cover the window to cut the reflected light from the cabin off. At the same time I had to push my tripod against the seat to make sure that my camera is not moving. With the help of my wife, I could get 1 useable image as posted here. That was my first experience shooting the milky way on a flying airplane.
Nikon D610, 14-24 f2.8G
14mm iso6400 f2.8 13sec

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