Nicholas Roemmelt on Lake Plansee...

Nicholas Roemmelt on Lake Plansee…

Nicholas Roemmelt on Lake Plansee...

Photo Caption: Nicholas Roemmelt on Lake Plansee

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From Nicholas about this image:

Canon 1DX Mark II
Canon EF 16-35mm f2.8 L III�
pano-5 vertical shots:
5X 16mm, f2.8, 25s, Iso 6400
For the position on the kayaker I had taken an exposure series with 3 additional frames
1x f2.8,10s, Iso 12.800
1x f2.8, 5s, Iso 12.800
1x f2.8, 2.5s, Iso 12.800
After having planned that shot for several months, I am very happy to present my first result of the forthcoming series, kayaking on alpine lakes at night. I think it has been the hardest project I have ever tried to start: I had to try &fail, overcome a lot of problems and try again until I could finally realize that panorama.
Although the hardest things were not the basics of being a “night paddler”, but the difficulties to capture a sharp version of the kayak &paddler drifting on the lake in the middle of the night. By doubling the Iso from ISO 6400 to Iso 12.800 I could minimize the exposure time to 10s. Still way too long for a sharp capture even at calm conditions.
So I tried to fix the kayak in the lake with two grappling hooks at each end of the boat. After some drifting of the kayak the boat was quite stable but due to the different depths of immersion of the anchors &the wind direction, the alignment of the kayak was always completely wrong to my planned composition. So I extended the rope of the anchors from bow &stern to the cockpit &the paddler now could control the position of the boat accordingly, as I had instructed her.
Despite the boat had been fixed in the lake 10s still were a little bit too long to capture pin sharp pictures. So I additionally tried to light paint the paddler from behind. A water resistant flashlight under the boat as well as the headlamp of the kayaker could additionally diminish the needed exposure time, so I could finally capture pin sharp pictures at 2.5s resp. 5s. Perfect calm conditions as well as a well trained technique of the hip of the paddler, balancing &stabilizing the kayak were still crucial to freeze the scene at 2.5 s resp 5s.

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