Wayne Pinkston at Boot Arch...

Wayne Pinkston at Boot Arch…

Wayne Pinkston at Boot Arch...

Photo Caption: Wayne Pinkston at Boot Arch

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From Wayne about this image:

Nikon 810A, 14-24mm lens, 24 mm, f 2.8, 30 sec., ISO 10,000

This is Boot Arch in the Alabama Hills of California. There is a small LED light panel with warming filter behind the arch, and Low Level Lighting on the front of the arch. See lowlevellighting.org for details on this technique. It was somewhat frustrating to get light on the front of the arch without getting hot spots or large shadows, probably because we were hurrying. In this case it was a race to get photos before morning twilight, as we had spent much of the night at CyclopsArch and Mobius Arch. —

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