Jeff Maser — REPOST: @maze78...

Jeff Maser — REPOST: @maze78…

Jeff Maser — REPOST: @maze78...

Photo Caption: Jeff Maser

REPOST: @maze78 from chosen by @tracyleephotos

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From Jeff about this image:

“Sail to the moon”
at the Nubble Lighthouse in Maine
I flew up to Maine for a week in March for two things, a Celtics game, and to get a shot of the Milky Way over the Nubble. The forecast was pretty dreadful when I got there. Looked to be nothing but clouds and snow/rain the entire week. I kept an eye on cloud coverage through weather underground, and finally, the skies looked to clear up late Saturday night. I layered up and head out into the cold. It was cold as hell, and I was partially frozen by the end of the night, but totally worth it – nearly perfect skies! Packed up and went home as the sun began to rise. The next day I realized I must’ve dropped my license and credit cards while stumbling around in the dark. I went back to the Nubble and couldn’t find anything. As I was looking around, I got a call from the York Police Department asking how my vacation was going. Lucky me, someone had found my stuff and they were able to track me down. I needed them to get home to Florida, and also as ID for a Radiohead concert I was attending in a few nights. The Milky Way Gods blessed me – I got the shot I wanted, and got home for the concert! ROCK ON!
I had a few different edits, with different MW positioning and couldn’t decide which I liked best. I put it to a vote with friends and this seemed to win out. I also have a large 50mm Pano I may post later.
Nikon D750
Rokinon 14mm 2.8
Foreground: 5 minute exposure/ISO 800/f4
Sky: 8 images stacked in SLS 25s/ISO 3200/f2.8

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