Luke Rendell at Durdle Door…

Luke Rendell at Durdle Door...

Photo Caption: Luke Rendell at Durdle Door

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From Luke about this image:


Gateway to the stars!

The Milky Way core rising over the famous Durdle Door on the UK’s Jurassic Coast. —
I’ve been wanting to take this shot for ages, and after all my initial plans had been scuppered by the not so glorious weather here in the UK, I finally took a chance and headed to Dorset last Tuesday night in the driving rain with nowhere to stay, in the hope that the predicted break in the clouds would come good. I’m so glad I did (and glad I found somewhere to stay!). It was -2°C up on the cliff tops but the incredible view of the night sky made it all worth while, and meeting some friendly photographers along the way helped too!

Canon 6d + Canon 35mm f2 IS @ f4
4mins @ ISO 1600
1 shot for the sky (tracked), 1 for the foreground.

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