Matthew Saville at the Wave...

Matthew Saville at the Wave…

Matthew Saville at the Wave...

Photo Caption: Matthew Saville at the Wave

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From Matt about this image:

Well, I finally got around to attempting a manual stack!!! It’s not necessary if you have a few bucks for an app like Starry Landscape Stacker, but I wanted to master the technique just for educational purposes. Honestly, I was pretty impressed with how decent the results turned out!
This image is of a place called The Wave, in Northern Arizona. It’s almost impossible to get permits to visit this location, and it’s also nearly impossible to find the dang place in the dark,if you hike in just after midnight on the day you have a permit, like my friends and I did to get this shot. We spent over $100 collectively over the years on the permit lottery system, so we wanted to take full advantage of all 24 hours we could *legally* be there!
Even though I DO NOT recommend hiking in with no moon, for anyone not extremely experienced at backcountry navigation and carrying a high-def satellite image GPS with a KML trail to follow, …when you arrive at this place under nothing but starlight, it is MIND BLOWING. Truly an experience I’ll cherish forever, and worth every penny.
Nikon D750, Rokinon 14mm f/2.8
30 sec @ f/2.8 & ISO 12800
5 images manually stacked (aligned) in Photoshop & blended separately for earth & sky using Smart Object Layer Mode “Median” (following this article here:

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