Matthew Cook at Mount Shasta….

Matthew Cook at Mount Shasta....

Photo Caption: Matthew Cook at Mount Shasta.

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From Matt about this image:

My initial Memorial Day Weekend plans were to do a waterfall tour around Northern California. I started driving north on Friday and got to Mossbrae Falls (magical!) just around the golden hour. After spending all the remaining daylight at the falls, I decided to go and check out Lava Beds National Monument which is located northeast of Mount Shasta. I had planned on stopping for some Milky Way shots as I drove by Mount Shasta, the problem I encountered was no light to scout a location. I thought that a close up would be a great idea and that driving up through the foothills toward the mountain would yield the perfect view. I spent two hours driving and didn’t find a single clear view. I had spent most of the day driving and was reaching my “done” point, so I pulled over and made an attempt at sleep. Apparently sleep wasn’t on the list of approved activities and after an hour of restlessness with no luck I decided to at least catch a sunrise at Lava Beds. I headed back to the pavement and literally five minutes back on the road I found this “vista point”. This is the point the night turned around. The road passes directly in front of the lookout and goes towards the mountain (the bottom left hand corner of the frame). I really like the car lights although I wasn’t sure if it would be too much while I was shooting. This night went from one almost lost to frustration to a great time and from that point on my trip was transformed to a Milky Way trip.
6 shots @ 55mm for the pano
Each Shot:
f/1,8, 6400 ISO, 13 seconds

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