Laura Krause at Trona Pinnacles…

Laura Krause at Trona Pinnacles...

Photo Caption: Laura Krause at Trona Pinnacles

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From Laura about this image:

This past weekend marks exactly 1 year since I bought my very first DSLR from a camera store in LA, threw a few blankets in my car and drove straight to Trona Pinnacles to test it out. My first session was blurry, unfocused, and pretty terrible but it proved to me that I could pull off milky way shots with an introductory-level camera. Now, one year later, I’m starting to become pretty proud of how far I’ve come and how much I’ve learned. I’ll likely level up from the kit lenses that came with my Nikon pretty soon. —
This shot in particular though was quite fun to capture as I wandered around Trona Pinnacles with a group of friends for the long weekend. We light painted, captured some faint aurora borealis (despite being in SoCal!) and hiked around every night. We even came across a Gila Monster there during the day!

NIKON D3300 f 3.5 25s 18mm ISO3200

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