Eric Benedetti at Stanley Lake…

Eric Benedetti at Stanley Lake...

Photo Caption: Eric Benedetti at Stanley Lake

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From Eric about this image:

This is a shot taken at Stanley Lake, Idaho looking out towards McGown Peak on the far side of the lake. The air was as calm as I’ve ever felt it up there, normally there’s always a bit of a gentle breeze. The water was seriously like a mirror, just sitting on the side of the lake staring at the water it was almost hard to tell what that it was actually a reflection and not just the sky. I only had about an hour before astro twilight started so I had to limit the width of the shot I wanted to take a bit, especially since I was using the 50mm lens. Unfortunately the core doesn’t perfectly line up with the peak, but it is an incredible landscape nonetheless. I took the reflection shots first this time hoping that the stars would align more accurately in the reflection with those in the sky, turned out better I think.
12 shots for this one, 6 for the sky, 3 for the foreground, and 3 for the reflection. Sky shots are 2 minutes at ISO 1600 and f2.8, foreground shots are 2 minutes at ISO 1600 and f2, reflection shots are 45 seconds at ISO 1600 and f1.4.
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