Oliver Beneš in the Czech...

Oliver Beneš in the Czech…

Oliver Beneš in the Czech...

Photo Caption: Oliver Beneš in the Czech Republic, Votice

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From Oliver about this image:

Czech Republic, Votice
The Great Rift
In my opinion, the upper part below core does’t get as much love as it would. It’s not that bright as galaxy center, but with longer exposure and more data we can reveal all those dust clouds. the Great Rift (sometimes called the Dark Side, Dark Rift, or Dark River) is a series of non-luminous dust clouds that are located between the Solar System and the Sagittarius. The clouds are estimated to contain about 1 million solar masses of plasma and dust.
I decided to shoot this scene at 50 mm – ‘classical’ lonely tree shot. This is, again, (not my first image from this place) one of my favourite spots for photography, Votice Maple, and very old tree growing on former gallows.
Iridium flare appeared on one exposure as a bonus :)
Sky 20 x 58 sec. (1 minute exposure + mirror lock up) f/3.2 ISO 2000.
Nikon d750 + 50mm 1.8 Nikon on Star Adventurer

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