Joseph Di Palma-Fragetta — REPOST:...

Joseph Di Palma-Fragetta — REPOST:…

Joseph Di Palma-Fragetta — REPOST:...

Photo Caption: Joseph Di Palma-Fragetta

REPOST: @carlooftheforest from chosen by @tracyleephotos

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From Joseph about this image:

The planning for this photo started a month prior when I saw a photo by instagram user @johnentwistle_photography. Before seeing his Montauk shot, I didn’t know it was possible to photograph the Milky way relatively close to where I live. (in North Jersey where the sky is drowned out by New York City’s lights)
With the new moon falling on the Friday of Memorial Day Weekend, I ventured out to Montauk, NY from North Jersey around 5pm. Being one of the busiest weekends to travel, it took me 4 hours to reach my destination instead of the normal 2.5hr. I arrived to a cloudy and rainy beach, without a star in the sky. Scouting out the location, was an adventure on its own as this was my first time to Montauk and I wasn’t sure exactly where to go. I walked along the main road and saw a path through some vegetation. With my headlamp on, I ventured down the curvy downhill trail which led to the sandy beach. The sound of the ocean’s waves crashing ashore occupied my senses. Midnight stuck and the sky was still cloud covered. My weather app said it would clear up around 2am so I decided to walk back to my car and take a nap but before I did that, I looked up one more time. Some stars were peeking through so I walked back to the beach and set up. Starting at 1am, I got 40 minutes of clear skies before the clouds returned for the remainder of the night.
Foreground: f2.8 57.00 seconds ISO 2500 at 14mm
Background: f2.8 25.00 seconds ISO 2500 at 14mm
Nikkor 14-24mm
Nikon D750
Processed in LR and PS

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