David Swindler above Lake Powell…

David Swindler above Lake Powell...

Photo Caption: David Swindler above Lake Powell

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From David about this image:

PANO: Here is a panoramic shot from one of my favorite places above Lake Powell. I had wanted to take this shot earlier this year, but had gotten shafted by either weather or impassable roads. Finally, I realized that it was the last day this year I could get the shot so I went out to do it. There was still some low smoke haze from the Brian Head wildfire which is why you see some of the banding in the sky as it caught light from nearby Page, AZ (that’s the red glow you see on the right). Anyhow, I thought it came out pretty neat once I cleaned up some of the boat lights on the lake. Instagram: @actionphototours
Shot Details: Double Row Pano. The row for the sky was shot at ISO 10,000 f2.8, 13sec. The row for the landscape was done at ISO 3200, f2.8, 4min. Images were combined using Photoshop.

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