Luca Zeeb in the Swiss…

Luca Zeeb in the Swiss...

Photo Caption: Luca Zeeb in the Swiss Alps

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From Luca about this image:

Hi there, I’m new in the group, my name is Luca and I’m from Switzerland.
I begin posting this shot taken last friday on the Swiss Alps. I was there with a friend of mine (also a photographer) intentioned to take some shot of the Milky Way.
The sky was pretty clear, only few little clouds but unfortunately the main road is the one on the right, the illuminated one is a old road with very low traffic. After few minutes a guy with a lamp walks toward us and say: “hey, are you there to take some photos? If you take a look to my gear I take the car and I go to illuminate the old road”.
We were very lucky, this night because we taked nice pics, we know a new friend and we spent some hours shooting the milky way and drinking some beers. What a wonderful night!
The shots are taked with a Nikon D750 + Nikkor 14-24 f/2.8, 25″ – ISO 2500 – f/2.8 for the sky and 4′ – ISO 640 – f/8 for the foreground.
If you want to follow my jobs you can find me here:
Have a nice evening!

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