Casey Grimley in Utah —…

Casey Grimley in Utah —...

Photo Caption: Casey Grimley in Utah

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From Casey about this image:

Ashleigh came out to Utah from California to dance with the stars a few weeks back. We had perfect skies, but had quite an adventure in setting up the rig. First the silks were got knotted up when we put the rig up so we had to back my car underneath it and have my friend on her husband’s shoulders on top of my Sequoia to untangle it. (Pic in comments). Then, we wanted to switch from the teal silks to a hoop, so someone had to climb up the silks and switch the apparatus. The problem was the wind was blowing 20+ mph, and those silks act like a 20 foot kite, oh and it was dark. After 3 attempts we decided to just take the rig down partially to swap out the silks. That killed about an hour of shooting.
After that we shot for a bit more before Ashleigh was too exhausted to go on, it was about a 5 hour shoot and those silks take serious strength.
Sony A7, Sigma 30 f 1.4
Sky: 10s, f/1.6, ISO 5000
Dancer: 1/60, f/1.6, ISO 800

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