Joshua Crites at Bixby Bridge…

Joshua Crites at Bixby Bridge...

Photo Caption: Joshua Crites at Bixby Bridge

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From Joshua about this image:

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Bixby Bridge (Big Sur, California) – Here is an image that’s been on my bucket list for a while but for some reason I’ve always managed to find a different place to photograph until recently. I arrived at this location right before sunset so I could take a high quality foreground shot during blue hour and also capture some good light trails. Then I patiently waited for the Milky Way to get in the desired position. While waiting I had the pleasure of meeting a couple very nice photographers a father and son from DC and a cool cat Keith Evans who suggested that I check out Milky Way Chasers Group (thanks Keith). I had a great time chopping it up with Keith talking astro-photography and sharing some of our recent images with each other. Ultimately I invited Keith to come a long and shoot with me at 2 other locations that night, one of the places required prior arrangements due restricted access. We had a great time and managed to take a few good shots. This is one of them and I hope you enjoy it. Thank you Keith Evans for introducing me to the Milky Way Chasers Group, I’m really digging it.
Shot Info:
Canon 6D w Tamron 15-30mm f/2.8
Foreground: ISO 100, 15mm, f/16, 260s
Stars: ISO 5000, 15mm, f/2.8, 30s
Shots edited and blended in Lightroom and PS.

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