Steven J Magner at Town…

Steven J Magner at Town...

Photo Caption: Steven J Magner at Town of Mammoth Lakes.

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From Steven about this video:

4 days, 96 hours, 853 miles on the road.
This past weekend I drove up to Mammoth Lakes for the Joshua Cripps & Photopills workshop at Cerro Coso College allowing what I can only describe as quite possibly my most memorable photography adventure to date. Of these 96 hours I slept for only 8. I literally was so excited for each comp and every adventure I just could not sleep for very long.
On Thursday I started in Ancient Bristlecone where I shot alongside my friend Kevin Key until about 2am. Rather than get some rest I drove up to Mammoth to see Rainbow Falls which had just opened up that morning. Friday evening I ventured out to Navy Beach where I met Zach Reed and Ian Chen at the sand tufas. Saturday was exploration around Crowley Lake, 395 house, Hot Creek and Convict Lake with Steve Lang and Chris Crosby. Finally Sunday night both Sabrina Lake and Fish Slough in Bishop, before making the 4 1/2 hour drive back to Los Angeles.
Time for some sleep.
This shot was on location with @sl_productions_ & @cecphotos
⌁ Location: Eastern Sierras, CA
⌁ Date: July 23rd, 2017
⌁ Camera: @canonusa Canon 6D
⌁ Lens: @sigmaphotos 14mm f/1.8 ART
⌁ Filter: N/A
⌁ Tripod: @manfrottoimaginemore 055 & 410 Geared Head
⌁ 20 seconds
⌁ f/2.8
⌁ 14mm
⌁ ISO 6400
⌁ 11 images: 4 long exposures for foreground, 7 for milky way
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