Jordan Kjome in Winneshiek County,…

Jordan Kjome in Winneshiek County,...

Photo Caption: Jordan Kjome in Winneshiek County, Iowa

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From Jordan about this image:

STORY: “St. John’s Galaxy”.
This is my first Milky Way photograph, and the first time I have photographed the ruins of St. John’s Lutheran Church in Winneshiek County, Iowa. It is very common to see light painted structures with surfaces that show no texture, so I spent some time working to light paint each surface of the church to show as much shadow textures as possible. This was done using two different colored gels in front of my ElSpeleo Rescue 2200 caving headlamp. I had no clue how my new 80d camera’s sensor would do as far as noise with high ISO, so this shot was a test of my camera’s ability to photograph the Milky Way. I was surprised at how little noise there was, and that was of course lessened even more when I used a median stack for twenty photographs of the sky.
Canon 80d & Tokina 11-16mm f/2.8 (at 11mm).
ElSpeleo Rescue 2200 caving headlamp and two colored gel filters.
FOREGROUND: seven 30-second exposures (f/8, ISO-100) to light paint all surfaces of the church.
SKY: twenty 30-second exposures (f/2.8, ISO 1600) with a median stack for the Milky Way.

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