Joshua Crites in Yosemite —…

Joshua Crites in Yosemite —...

Photo Caption: Joshua Crites in Yosemite

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From Joshua about this image:

Yosemite, California – even in the dark of the night Yosemite is AMAZING. You are seeing Gods handy work on display, I simply pushed some buttons, he did all the work. If you look towards the middle of the shot you will see Half Dome off in the distance. I was not accustomed to seeing Half Dome from this vantage point, it looks different but still very beautiful from the east end of the Valley. The orange color at the horizon is the light pollution from the valley lights and the smoke in the air. I took this photo a little more than a week ago while I was visiting family. I must say getting this shot took some patience and persistence. There was a huge fire (Detwiler fire) that had burned over 75,000 acres near Yosemite and the smoke was soooo thick a couple days prior you could not even see Half Dome while looking down Yosemite valley from Tunnel View. I had to wait it out. I ended up having to drive out there twice, the first night I went to this location the sky was perfectly clear then clouds started forming about one hour into shooting and eventually the clouds covered the entire sky. I left feeling very bummed and very tired, I waited 2 days and tried again, this time the same thing started to happen with clouds forming but they eventually disappeared and I was able to shoot Milky Way shots until 4:00am. I shot the foreground during blue hor and waited until the Milky Way was in position and then I snapped the 2nd shot. No light painting on this one. Hope you like it.
Shot Info:
Canon 6D w Tamron 15-30mm f/2.8
Foreground: ISO 1000, 15mm, f/4.0, 25s
Stars: ISO 6400, 15mm, f/2.8, 20s
Shots edited and blended in Lightroom and PS.

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