Joshua Crites in Pebble Beach,…

Joshua Crites in Pebble Beach,...

Photo Caption: Joshua Crites in Pebble Beach, Ca

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From Joshua about this image:

LONE CYPRESS – Pebble Beach, Ca
During my 1st attempt to this location (in the dead of night) I was accompanied by fellow photog and friend Shea Ohlott. We had a good time however the night was cut short when my camera, tripod, and lens plunged 20ft over the cliffs edge straight down onto solid granite boulders, shattering and bending my lens. Unbelievabliy my camera although having a crack on the top of the body along with some scratches survived the fall. That night the conditions were great but the composition and perspective were a little off not to mention it was cut short after my camera took the plunge. So I watched the weather and I waited for the next opportunity a few months later when it looked like it would be clear and then I made another attempt.
While recently shooting at Bixby Bridge I met a great guy and wonderful photographer Keith Evans (check out his work). I could tell that Keith really had a passion for astro photography so I invited to come along to Pebble Beach. We had a great time and captured some cool shots. The only bummer was that moon had risen and washed out Milky Way. So I decided to roll the dice and comeback again the next night and lucky for me the weather held long enough to capture this photo. Shortly after taking this photo the entire sky turned white with fog. Timing is everything. Hope you like this one.
Shot Info:
Canon 6D w Tamron 15-30mm f/2.8
Foreground: ISO 1600, 15mm, f/5.6, 300s
Stars: ISO 5000, 15mm, f/2.8, 25s
Shots edited and blended in Lightroom and PS.

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