Michael Hottwagner in Altendorf, Niederösterreich,…

Michael Hottwagner in Altendorf, Niederösterreich,...

Photo Caption: Michael Hottwagner in Altendorf, Niederösterreich, Austria.

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From Michael about this image:

The story here might be simple, first things first it was back in 2016 and it was not my plan to go for the milkyway this night! It was a friday my shift at work has come to an end, i grabed up some beer and went to a field (well situated on a hay-bale) to watch the fireworks which was anounced for this day… it was a pretty nice mood to sit there and watching the show in this warm and also pretty clear night! Then after a while i decided to drive home, stormclouds was coming up at the horizon and in the meanwhile also the moon with its eyecatching red glow… well i noticed it was behind a cloud and some particles in the air formed some wonderful lightray’s… i immediately stoped my car for some exposures from this amazing scene, still one of my favorite images! And btw i tried hard to get a similar shot in the meanwhile but without success!
Best regards from austria to all milkywaychaser’s here!

Nikon D610 with Walimex Pro 14mm f2,8
ISO1000 / 14mm / f2,8 / 20Seconds
Processed: Adobe Lightroom cc

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