Pascal Kamm is at Engadin…

Pascal Kamm is at Engadin...

Photo Caption: Pascal Kamm is at Engadin St. Moritz.

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From Pascal about this image:

A situation like this is very rare to find. As the lake had no water at all it made for a unique foreground looking almost like it is on another planet. I chose a composition with this rock in the foreground so that it acts like an anker point and from there leading the viewer’s eye all the way to the milky way stretching out from the valley in the background. As always I shot the foreground during dusk with the last bit of light to be able to stop down my aperture to get more depth of field as well as more sharpness. The consistency of the mud was quite a bit dump so that every piece of gear which I put down had some dirt stitched to it. Most of the gear still is a bit dirty as it is very sticky and hard to remove. However, that way I always remember back this cold but special night
Canon 5DIV + Samyang 24mm f1.4
24mm – F/2.0 – 13s (20 dark frames and 20 light frames stacked) – ISO 32000 – WB2900K

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